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In the span of four decades, the Texas IPM program has made great progress in helping to solve agricultural and urban pest problems in Texas. Pest management methods developed through the program are both affordable and environmentally responsible. Widespread IPM implementation in Texas has resulted in an overall reduction in pesticide use in many crops, transition to less toxic chemicals, increased use of diverse IPM tactics and an increase in profits for agricultural producers.

The success of the Texas IPM Program rests upon a foundation of cooperative efforts between private individuals, nonprofit producer organizations, crop consultants and several government agencies. The partnership unites these groups with a common goal to attain production goals while solving pest problems in ways that are both feasible and least harmful to the environment.

More than 2,500 growers and 12 commodity associations in the state support IPM through the Texas Pest Management Association and the Texas IPM Foundation. The Foundation helps to fund and support programs implemented by TPMA. TPMA provides administrative support to the local IPM programs and, because it represents private individuals and groups, ensures that the local programs target producer problems.

"The IPM program is a perfect example of a successful public/private partnership in which TPMA and TIPMF provide the direct link to the grower for the education and technology transfer programs of Cooperative Extension," says Mark Appling, former TPMA President. "The IPM program offers growers direct help, support and education, which is so critical in this time of economic difficulties in agriculture."

"I've been involved with Texas AgriLife Extension for many years, and this is the best program that we have ever had," says farm grower Sherri Clements. "The average farm grower does not have money to experiment. Programs that cost money are out. But programs like the IPM Program save money and help growers produce more with less pesticide inputs."

Without a doubt, partnerships have been the key to the success of the Texas IPM program. IPM partners will continue to work together to solve Texans' pest problems. The goal of the Texas IPM Program is to deliver unbiased, credible, reliable, and timely solutions to pest problems of agricultural and urban customers.

Faces of IPM.
The faces of the Texas IPM Program: research, demonstration and education.

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